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  The Iraqi capital, "Green Zone" and other places were shelling The center of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad "Green Zone" and other places north of Baghdad, a US military base stationed in the evening of 4 was shelling, but caused no casualties.Iraq Joint Operations Command said in a statement on the 4th, Baghdads "Green Zone" and Judd Maria area, and Salahuddin Province Balad Air Base was the night rounds of shelling, but no casualties.Statement did not provide further details.Iraqi Interior Ministry official told Xinhua News Agency reporter, the evening of 4, a "Katyusha" rockets fell on the city of Baghdad "Green Zone", causing no casualties.Salahuddin province, a security official told Xinhua News Agency reporters, three mortar shells hit the evening of 4 Balad Air Base in Iraq military warehouse, no casualties.Currently no organization or individual claimed the attack created."Green Zone" is located in the heart of Baghdad, the Iraqi government agencies as well as the United States and the British Embassy in Iraq location.Balad Air Base is located 80 km north of Baghdad, the US military stationed there.3, the United States launched rocket attacks on the Iraqi capital Baghdad International Airport, causing the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps under the "Quds Force" commander Qassem Sulaymaniyah wait at least eight people were killed.After the attack, the US embassy in Iraq announced the closing, and urged all US citizens to leave Iraq immediately.

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