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  Former deputy secretary of Jilin Province Commission for Discipline Inspection Qiu Daming case: Implications for businessmen invested ten million to buy a house Former deputy secretary of Jilin Province Commission for Discipline Inspection Qiu Daming case: hint businessman invested ten million to buy a house for Joint Central Radio and Television filmed by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection State Oversight Committee Propaganda Department in Beijing, reflecting the effectiveness of discipline inspection and supervision system reform Episode 5 documentary feature film "State Supervision ", on January 12 to 16 broadcast on CCTV integrated channel 8pm file.5 feature films were set, respectively, to "arrange blueprint", "overall supervision", "Focus on poverty," "escort peoples livelihood," "Iron Army to create".The evening of January 16, Episode feature film "Iron Army to create" revealed the former deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Jilin Province, former deputy director of Provincial Control Yuan Qiu Daming case details."I felt that day finally arrived, in fact, I have prepared, I was also very calm, very calm, I know that, sooner or later, come, escape."2020 September 10, Qiu Daming, as usual, entered the office, but to see the national staff of the Central Discipline Inspection Control Yuan cadre supervision room is waiting for him, his heart will understand immediately.According to the documentary reports, Qiu Daming case is the first from the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC leading cadres of cases investigated by the National Supervisory System.His doubts began in March 2020, when the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the State Control Yuan, Jilin Province CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang the original erzhi discipline violation Threaded verification, in the course of the investigation, the Working Group felt simmering behind, obstacles."Time has taken different measures of people, just a statement when appearing in court are the same, which is a string of over-supply.After the depth of collusion related personnel, our survey work is actually cause great obstruction."Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC national government workers, said Jiang Zitian.One look at the phenomenon from the depth of collusion, and the persons should have been informed in advance of the news, the Working Group thus suspected the ghost, after analysis, Qiu Daming is listed as the object of suspicion.In addition, feature films mentioned, there is a more important discovery of the Working Group on suspicion of Qiu Daming.Working Group survey content, the Jilin Provincial Audit Department staff residential building projects between an early and relevant, and Qiu Daming was just served as deputy director of Jilin Provincial Audit.When the working group asked him about the relationship between a boss Song Moumou and involved in the project, Qiu Daming very suspicious of reaction.Qiu Daming evasive, and even provided some false cases and information.Suspected of working groups is not wrong, it is leaked ghost Qiu Daming.It turned out that the owner of Song Moumou involved both a king erzhi case of important people involved, but also, and his presence bartering.Qiu Daming served as deputy director of Jilin Provincial Audit Department, deputy secretary of the province, the advantage of his office to help Song Moumou real estate company, which received more than 300 million property.Qiu Daming order to conceal their illegal activities, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang erzhi important case leaked to the Song Moumou, but leaked to the close relatives of the king erzhi even instigated the investigation against them tough, active and difficult investigation of cases it is the beginning of work by the this caused.Feature films mentioned, after the discovery of suspicious Qiu Daming, the Working Group in the arrangements with the work, deliberately evasive measures Qiu Daming, and handed over to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection clues State Control Yuan cadre supervision Room.Cadre supervision Room thereby further investigation, found that Qiu Daming discipline and discipline, running wind leak behavior is not alone.As early as mid-2017 the second half when the Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Trust Co., Ltd. the former party secretary of the central inspection teams handover, chairman clues Type of Application high Fubo problem, Qiu Daming have repeatedly leaked information to the high Fubo, and even told him one by one specific reporting and verification focus on content."Qiu Daming man shenanigans, he helped white people will not help.So he has something, hell point you.He said his daughter to go to work in Beijing, she was working-class, no house, no car, thats quite hard.He said these words, in fact, is to give me a hint, then after it, I brought him $$ 50,000."High Fubo say.Feature film presentation, a teahouse near Qiu Daming home is a fixed place of his boss and close to some of meeting.In addition to working directly disclose confidential exchange for personal interests, Qiu Daming also use the influence of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to work more than the boss.Again and again behind the "tea", is the exchange of interests naked again.Businessman involved in iron pool Teng said he often drink tea together and Qiu Daming, Qiu Daming always ask him how Beijings house is now a case, he was not good at hand wide.Later in Qiu Daming "hint", the Teng iron pool invested 16 million yuan to Qiu Daming bought a set of real estate located in the vicinity of Beijing Fourth Ring."Qiu Daming in coordinating Here are some things, he also hinted the officials, what you, what you have received reflects the problem that way, you immediately want to talk that way to your letter of inquiry, hes let these officials can understand, he is in the tube with these officials."Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the JISC national government workers, said Zhang Wei.Feature film presentation, Qiu Daming while sparing no effort to use power for personal gain, while carefully prepare for investigation by various means.When surveyed, bank account under his name only a few deposits, but he actually took bribes of more than thirty million yuan; his name does not have any real estate, but in fact his years of power use, cheap to buy a house more than 20 sets , handled real estate transactions reached 60 times, a total of more than 860 ten thousand yuan make the difference.After the Working Group to take evasive measures against him, Qiu Daming feeling that he might be an accident, started to transfer the proceeds of crime.He borrowed a cell with a waste garage, three thousand bottles of Maotai yard was full, there are two file cabinets full of money.Meanwhile, Qiu Daming contact all have their own boss and economic exchanges, intent private collusion against investigation.However, all is in vain to cover up after all, Qiu Daming final result of serious violation of law was expelled from the party and public office, the alleged crimes transferred to prosecutors for examination and prosecution by law.Related involved has been duly punished.2020 November 5, the court public hearing, Qiu Daming found guilty of bribery, embezzlement, was sentenced to 14 years."Like I belong to this discipline and discipline, the law enforcement, the impact, the losses caused, in fact, is very big, very big."Qiu Daming said..Surging News reporter Li Wenji

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