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  To make up for missing family safety education from the parents of security awareness "charge" to start To make up for missing family safety education from the parents of security awareness "charge" Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City CPPCC members began Yu Hua Chao recently, Zhuhai, there were numerous causes of falls, the safety of children drowning tragedy resulting from a blossoming flowers wither this one fresh life disappear, all distraught deplored.These security incidents involving children, while the majority of parents and children sounded the alarm, but also exposes parents as the childs guardian, there are some missing in the regulation of child safety.Younger children, is their restless nature, but because of physical and mental development is not perfect, low levels of social awareness and a lack of safety awareness, can not do that to avoid the danger as adults, and therefore prone to accidents.Especially during the summer vacation, the children out of the schools strict management, out of a regular life, into a relatively relaxed and free state, in this state, the childrens behavior is often not subject to limitations and restrictions, again plus some children are young, indifference safety awareness, unaware of the danger, it is easy to make risky behavior causes accidents.For example, some children can not swim, but bold enough to play waters, resulting in drowning accidents; another example, some children while playing, do not realize the complexity and danger surrounding environment, so that some unexpected event.Therefore, the majority of parents must not be careless, safety must always be tight this string.As guardian of the child, the parents to protect childrens safety has a direct responsibility, no matter how busy work every day, do not ignore safety education for children."Punta raw hemp, no help from straight white sand in Nirvana, with all black."I believe that to effectively compensate for the lack of home safety education, must first charge safety awareness from parents start.First, parents should promote and enhance safety awareness.Parents act as guardian, have a sense of security knowledge and more and talk to children, so that children establish a sense of security, raise childrens risk of disaster prevention and self-help capabilities.For example, can the children pledge, educate and guide their children to go out should always pay attention to safety, and actively viewing the surrounding environment, not to play dangerous place, to keep the childrens program of activities and routes, by phone watches, mobile positioning and other technological means, for the implementation of dynamic child supervision, for some young children, parents should keep high vigilance, to eliminate luck and the paralysis of thought, can not let the children out of the line of sight, but the child can not be left alone at home.The second is for the parents to the children to create a safe environment for the growth.Parents after having children, home decoration consider the childs safety will be more.Such as balconies, windows have safety barriers to prevent children climbing accidents; prevent electric outlet has a cover to prevent children and other hand tinker.In short, child safety is no small matter, any negligence and luck are likely to cause irreparable results.Therefore, parents should be fully aware of the importance of safety, actively enhance security awareness and strengthen security measures for the safety and health child wove a safety net.

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