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  Tianjin completion of the first case of Taiwan compatriots organ donation Reporter from the Tianjin Municipal Red Cross center that management of human organ donation, 8, 46-year-old Mr. Lin Taiwan compatriots died in the Tianjin First Central Hospital, but his life has been extended in another way - he donated seven organs to help patients mainland or lease of life, or see again.Mr. Lin is the first realization of organ donation in Tianjin Taiwan compatriots.According to Tianjin Red Cross organ donation management center reports, Mr. Lin Taiwan-funded enterprises in recent years has been working on the mainland, in two diary March, he specifically mentioned: "If I die, there can donate organs to be donated, the rest is a simple process.Do nothing, there is the residual value of clothing or items on the spot donated to people in need."In early June, Mr. Lin sudden cerebral hemorrhage, due to critical condition, a preliminary treatment he transferred to Tianjin First Central Hospital, after nearly a month expert consultation and careful treatment, Mr. Lins condition has not been improved, It is determined to be brain dead.After hearing the news, Mr. Lins family think the will of organ donation, detailed understanding of the disease, decided to respect his wishes, and contact the Red Cross to Tianjin.Human organ donation coordinator Tianjin Red Cross briefed Mr. Lins wife detailed the human organ donation regulations, policies, procedures, assist her to sign a "human organ donation registration form to confirm".It is understood that Mr. Lin donated heart, liver, kidneys, lungs will help five critically ill patients dying back to life, he donated corneas will see again two patients with eye diseases.Mrs. Lin thanked the staff of Tianjin Red Cross for the donation of a very detailed process description to help them solve a lot of problems, "when we chat with him before spoken of, if one day he sudden illness, the organ donation to a useful person, this decision is to help him achieve the aspirations.Chinas medical condition and medical services is very good, very carefully every job, so I can be very practical to make organ donation decision."Tianjin Red Cross organ donation management center main Renwu Jun said that Mr. Lins willingness to donate organs after they immediately get in touch with the Taiwan Affairs Office of Tianjin, make every effort to donate services," his charity so we are very moved, this is the best embodiment of cross-strait kinship ".Wu said that organ donation is a work of sacred duty entrusted by the state Red Cross, each case of organ donation, all in accordance with national laws and regulations and rigorous workflow operations, especially the "Tianjin organ donation regulations" and "Regulations on the Promotion of civilized behavior Tianjin introduction "and other regulations, which greatly promoted the development of the cause of organ donation.It is understood, Tianjin to carry out human organ donation for nine years, the number of donations has increased, as of now accumulated human organ donation up to 1065 people, saved the lives of thousands of patients.

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